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Watch the Beyond Good Intentions series and share the films with others! Use our Facebook, and YouTube pages to help spread the word. Also, consider hosting screenings or simply send links for the episodes to your friends, family, and colleagues.

Episode 1: International Aid Workers - Tori begins her round-the-world journey in Colombia and meets an American man who is demonstrating a more effective role for international aid workers.
Episode 1
International Aid Workers
Episode 2: Volunteering Abroad - Can international volunteers make a positive difference abroad? Tori visits volunteers working at an animal refuge and an orphaniage in Argentina to find out.
Episode 2
Volunteering Abroad
Episode 3: Disaster Relief - What if disaster relief was more innovative? Join Tori in the rubble following a major Indonesian earthquake to see the impact of more cutting-edge responses.
Episode 3
Disaster Relief
Episode 4: Higher Standards for Non-Profits - Why are aid organizations often held to such low standards? Discover what happens when a non-profit specializing in prosthetics sets higher standards for their work.
Episode 4
Higher Standards for Non-Profits
Episode 5: Research in Development - How do we know if an aid project is truly effective? Tori visits rural India to learn about the randomized trials being conducted by the MIT Poverty Action Lab.
Episode 5
Research in Development
Episode 6: Peace Corps - Do Peace Corps volunteers really help? Join Tori on an overland journey through Madagascar as she meets with Peace Corps volunteers working to assist local communities.
Episode 6
Peace Corps
Episode 7: For-Profit Approaches - Could for-profit initiatives help the poor more than traditional approaches to aid? Tori investigates the concept of " marketing to the bottom of the pyramid."
Episode 7
For-Profit Approaches
Episode 8: Faith-Based Aid - What happens when aid and religion mix? Travel with Tori to remote regions of Mozambique where she meets with American missionaries who are trying to help.
Episode 8
Faith-Based Aid
Episode 9: Micro-Lending - Is micro-lending really the solution to tackle world poverty? Tori investigates the work of and their partners to see if micro-lending is as effective as we think.
Episode 9
Episode 10: Social Entrepreneurship - What is social entrepreneurship and how can it change the world? Join Tori in her final stop as she meets with innovative social entrepreneurs in South Africa.
Episode 10
Social Entrepreneurship
(South Africa)