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The Movement

Beyond Good Intentions aims to be more than just a film series. We want to start a movement towards change. Explore the many ways that you can be part of this pioneering movement to transform the field of international aid:

Watch and Share the Films
Watch the Beyond Good Intentions series and share the films with others! Consider hosting screenings or simply send links for the episodes to your friends, family, and colleagues. more >

Join the Dialogue
Beyond Good Intentions is working to pioneer the first major on-line dialogue about international aid effectiveness in an effort to bring about change. Add your thoughts to our on-line discussion forums and host your own dialogues about aid in your school or community! more >

Learn More
Interested in learning more about international aid and how it can be more effective? Our resource section has a range of articles, links, and blogs. Here you will find both episode-specific resources as well as more general information on international aid. more >

Be the Change
Change starts with you. Check out all the ways that you can personally impact the movement towards improving the field of international aid. more >