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Tori Hogan
Filmmaker, Producer, Director

Tori's expertise in international aid has developed extensively over the past seven years as she has traveled the globe working with aid organizations on four continents. Her experiences range from large-scale refugee assistance programs in Kenya, Lebanon, and Somalia, to smaller grassroots educational and child development initiatives in Uganda, Egypt, Togo, and China. Tori graduated with honors from Duke University in 2004 with a B.A. in Global Health and Human Development. She also served as a Fulbright Scholar in Egypt and holds a Masters diploma in Refugee Studies from the American University in Cairo, as well as a Masters of Education from Harvard University. Tori embarked on a solo trip around the world to shoot the Beyond Good Intentions series which is her first film project.


Ryan Little

As the lead editor for the Beyond Good Intentions series, Ryan Little was able to combine his interest in international issues with his remarkable talent as a Final Cut Pro editor. While working at Element Productions in Boston, Ryan edited everything from commercials and web videos to documentary films and television shows. His clients have included Buick, AAA, the Food Network, and ESPN. In 2006 he edited an hour-long Spanish language documentary called Road to the Big Leagues about Dominican baseball that aired on ESPN Deportes. Ryan spent a year studying abroad in Madrid, Spain and graduated from Tufts University in 2004 with a degree in International Relations. He now works as a freelance editor in Boston.


Mary Jirmanus
Assistant Editor

Mary Jirmanus is a filmmaker, editor and community organizer. She has directed productions for the Harvard Kennedy School's Mexico Program, Producer, and Ecuador's Coordinadora Nacional Campesina (CNC) and is co-director on a series of shorts for the Native American Project at the Boston Children's Museum. Mary is a founding member of the Ecuadorian media and human rights collective, Aldea Komunicativa, and from 2006-2008, co-produced Via Comunidad, a weekly rural-focused arts and education television program broadcast on UTV24 in Ibarra, Ecuador. She is a member of Dollars & Sense Magazine editorial collective, and was a 2006 Harvard University Human Rights Fellow. She holds an A.B. in Social Studies from Harvard College.


Joey Korenman
Graphics Editor

Joey is a motion graphics designer who has been working in the Boston area for the past 6 years. Since graduating from Boston University in 2003, Joey has been busy completing high-level graphics and animation projects for a wide variety of clients including HBO, Discovery Channel, and ABC News. When Joey heard about the work that the Beyond Good Intentions team was doing, he was happy to jump onboard.


Dan Hart
Web designer

Dan brings a wealth of experience to the project as interactive designer. In gigs ranging from directing NASA helicopter experiments to creating online advertising and games to painting in the subways of Paris, he has developed his skills in multimedia expression. Recent work includes design for Walden Media, Digitas, and his current position as interactive developer at WGBH in Boston. Beyond Good Intentions has been a great project combining his passion for travel with his desire to motivate people to take action. Dan graduated from Princeton in Aerospace Engineering and has an MSE in Astronautics from Stanford and an MFA in New Media Design from the National Design School of France (ENSCI).


Meredith Honig
Production Assistant

Meredith brings her experience as a producer for both documentary films and high-level commercial productions to the Beyond Good Intentions team. While working at a top media and marketing strategy production company in North Carolina, Meredith produced a number of commercials and internal videos for clients such as Sony, Cingulair, and Red Hat. She currently serves as the Series Producer at Four in Hand Entertainment Group in Boston where she recently produced one of the highest-rated series for The History Channel called "Battles BC." Meredith graduated from Bennington College in 2002 with a BA in Film & Theatre Studies.


Eric Scherch
Production Assistant

After graduating with honors from Duke University in 2004, Eric traveled around the world and worked at an orphanage in Nepal caring for twenty children ages 6-15-years-old through Child Action Nepal. Eric currently resides in San Diego, where he works as a civil engineer in water treatment. He is an active member of Engineers Without Borders and has been leading a potable water supply project in Southeast India for the past three years.


Additional Editors

Dave Baeumler
Bill Bowles

Craig Chiebicki
Sara Dosa

Tori Hogan
Greg Whitmore

Post-Production Assistants


Megan Stapleton
Diane Hendrix




Ryan Little
5 Alarm Music




Margaret Morales
Caroline Nobert
Jackie Sojico


Transcription Volunteers

Bethany Allen
Alexandra Detjens
Rusty Fein

Jill Kornetsky
Sara LeHoullier
Sara Jane McKinstry

Eric Scherch
Wendy Stein
Danielle Walls

Translation Volunteers

Oscar Asbanu
Mara Bollard
Ben Davis
Nicole Davill
Fe Donaghue
Kris Hartadi
Clare Harvey
Kim Herlot-Darragh

Satsuki Kawasumi
Thoeun Kao
Carmen Lezama
Lazaro Moiane
Margaret Morales
Rajan Nayar
Caroline Nobert
Paris O'Donnell

Simon Poppelwell
Sarah Rennie
Maria Santiago
Raquel Seybert
Paula Silveira
Satrio A. Wicaksono
Alison Woods

Research Volunteers

Lydia Barlow
Colleen Boyne
Kate Doyle
Andrew Iocobucci

Nayna Jhaveri
Jill Kornetsky
Carmen Lee
Emily Lynam

Farai Munharira
Antonia Oakley
Lydia Yemane

Outreach and Organizational Volunteers


Elizabeth Davis
Nick Fontaine
Natasha Hanshaw


Education Volunteers


Ariel Harms
Kambria Hooper




Tori Hogan
Juan Manuel Barrero Bueno


Finances and Accounting


Creative Visions Foundation
Kathy Eldon
Carrie Maloney


Legal Assistance


Dale Dixon


Special Thanks To

Lydia Barlow
Meredith Blake
David Bornstein
Bill Bowles
Miriam Cooke
Maryanne Culpepper
Rusty Fein
Al Gore
Catherine Gray
Bashir Hassan

Barbara Harrell-Bond
Rebecca Herman
Cathy Hogan
Catherine and Matt Langford
Jared Leiderman
Michelle McGraw
Umaya Nair
Cecelia Noel
Renato Pizzorni

Noro Rabefaniraka
Hery Ramambasoa
Catherine & Wayne Reynolds
Sammy Riley
Craig Ryder
Colin Scott
Jaime ter Linden
Wendy Walker
Paris Wallace


Project Donors

This film series was made possible with the generous financial support of Bill Younger and the Younger Family Foundation.

We are also grateful for the financial support from...
Alexander Adam
Henry Fein
Greg Fleizach
Priscilla Harris
Rich and Cathy Hogan
Eleanor Holsopple
Matt and Catherine Langford
Jean-Pierre Lehmann
Henry Manice
Mankind Project Drumming Society
Daniel Peterson
Bill Riski
Kim Roehl
Henning Severen
Wendy Walker
Amaya and Walker Whitworth
Ralph Whitworth
Mark and Ashley Younger

Fiscal Sponsorship Provided By Creative Visions Foundation


This film is dedicated to the memory of Tori's father, Rich Hogan, who supported her throughout the journey but is no longer with us to see the final product.