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Behind the Scenes

Filming the Beyond Good Intentions series was a non-stop adventure. Many of the filming locations were in very remote areas that required enduring long overland journeys and adapting to very basic living conditions. Luckily, Tori's years of experience traveling throughout the developing world prepared her well for the challenges on the road. Tori always looked forward to the opportunities to get "off-the-beaten-path" and uncover inspiring stories of effective aid projects that had not previously been given much attention.

As a first-time filmmaker, Tori was confronted with a large set of challenges. She even jokes. "I was literally reading the manual of the video camera on my way to Colombia!" Thanks to a lot of trial and error, and some fateful encounters with filmmakers along the way who showed her the ropes, she quickly became comfortable behind the camera.

To determine what organizations to film, Tori relied on a team of volunteer researchers as well as connections and leads that arose more organically through her discussions with community members within each country. She would spend time in the communities to get a feel for the organization and their impact, and would engage a wide range of stakeholders in both on and off-camera interviews.

Post-production of the Beyond Good Intentions series was delayed for some time due to the sudden death of Tori's father shortly after she returned from her trip around the world. However, with the help of an amazing team of talented editors, designers, and over fifty volunteers, the Beyond Good Intentions series has finally become a reality.