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About the Series

The Beyond Good Intentions film series follows the round-the-world journey of first-time filmmaker, Tori Hogan, as she investigates how international aid can be more effective. Shot on location in eight different countries, the ten-episode series takes viewers along for the ride as Tori meets with countless aid workers and recipients to uncover more innovative approaches to helping communities in need.

On this journey, viewers travel with Tori through Colombia, Argentina, Indonesia, Cambodia, India, Madagascar, Mozambique, and South Africa. In each country, Tori investigates a different issue in aid effectiveness, from the role of aid workers and volunteers, to the potential impact of more innovative approaches to aid through social entrepreneurship and market-based endeavors.

The film series was inspired by Tori's own frustrations with international aid after spending several years working and volunteering with aid projects around the world. "I continued to see well-intentioned aid initiatives failing to really make a difference," Tori says, "But these projects were affecting people's lives, and I felt that it was irresponsible to rely on good intentions alone." So she taught herself how to be a filmmaker, packed her backpack, and embarked on a solo journey of a lifetime to uncover what really works in international aid.

The film series is the first of its kind, and is bold enough to ask the questions that many are afraid to ask about the realities of the aid industry. However, the purpose of Beyond Good Intentions is not to focus on past failures, but rather to inspire viewers and to stimulate a movement that will spark greater innovation and effectiveness in future approaches to helping those in need. "For me," Tori says, "the goal of this series is to catalyze a much-needed dialogue about aid effectiveness, and to start a movement towards change."

All ten episodes have now been released. Viewers are encouraged to become part of the on-line dialogue and to join the movement towards encouraging more innovative and effective approaches to international aid worldwide.