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About the film series

Beyond Good Intentions is an organization committed to uncovering more innovative and effective approaches to international aid worldwide. Through our film series and educational programs we are working to catalyze a much-needed dialogue about aid effectiveness in hopes of transforming the current system. Click on the links below to learn more about our work.
The Beyond Good Intentions film series follows the round-the-world journey of first-time filmmaker, Tori Hogan, as she investigates how international aid can be more effective. Shot on location in eight different countries, the ten-episode series takes viewers along for the ride as Tori meets with countless aid workers and recipients to uncover more innovative approaches to helping communities in need. more >
The ten episodes in the Beyond Good Intentions film series cover a variety of themes ranging from the role of aid workers and volunteers, to the potential impact of more innovative approaches to aid through social entrepreneurship and market-based endeavors. The episode page gives the full list of episode titles, descriptions, and links. more >
In addition to our film series project, Beyond Good Intentions is committed to providing a wide range of educational programs for high school and college students. These programs include a variety of educational workshops, school film screenings and discussions, and our unique field-based research fellowships in aid effectiveness. more >
Filming the Beyond Good Intentions series was a non-stop adventure. Check out what it took to bring the film series from conception to completion. Here you will find the behind-the-scenes commentary and slideshow explaining the film's production and Tori's journey around the world. more >
What are others saying about Beyond Good Intentions? Check out our media links to read articles that have been published about our work. more >